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The Mountaintop has been a popular destination site for Jewish travelers for over a century. Congregation Anshei Hashoron of Tannersville, NY was established in 1899 and has functioned uninterrupted since its formation.   Initially, it was a year-round congregation, although in recent times it is used primarily during the summer and holiday seasons. It continues to serve as the centerpiece of the broader Jewish community in Tannersville. With the recent increased interest in the area, a number of other shuls have been established and minyanim are now held more frequently throughout the year.  The Hunter Synagogue, on the National Register of Historic Places was built in 1914.  Both Congregations are used primarily during the summer and holiday seasons. 

This site has been created to provide people with information about Jewish life on the mountaintop and to recommend places to stay, places to visit, and things to do. Please contact us with information you would like to share.


Weekly Snapshot

Parshas Ki Savo

Kabbolas Shabbos:         7:30pm

Shacharis:                 7:00/9:00am

Mincha:              6:00/7:10/7:45pm

Motzei Shabbos:                8:27pm

Weekly Shacharis: 8:00am (only)

Sunday Shacharis:  7:30/8:30am

Mincha/Maariv (8/26-29): 7:20pm

Late Ma'ariv: 50 min. after shkiah

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Halachic Zmanim

For 2/10/2016

Alot Hashachar (dawn) - 5:35 AM

Netz Hachamah - 6:59 AM

Latest Shema - 9:34 AM

Zman Tefillah - 10:26 AM

Plag Haminchah - 4:17 PM

Shkiah (sunset) - 5:22 PM

Chatzot (midnight) - 12:10 AM

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Local Weather
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