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Although we have tried to verify the schedules listed below, please confirm the times to be sure they are correct. Please note - the minyanim schedule below is only during the summer season.

For a list of halachic zmanim click  here .


Cong. Anshei Hashoron (Tannersville Shul)   

 For a pdf of the entire summer schedule – click here.



Kabbolas Shabbos:                 7:30pm (changes toward end of summer)

Hashkomo Minyan:                   7:00am (followed by shiur)

Regular Minyan:                         9:00am

First Mincha:                               6:00pm

Second Mincha:                         Appr. 25 minutes before shkia

Third Mincha:                             10 minutes after Shkiah

Shalosh Seudos:                      After Second Mincha

Ma'ariv:                                        Varies - See schedule above

Shabbos Groups/Shiurim

Pirchei (for boys ages 4-9):    3:45 - 4:45pm

B'nos    (for girls ages 5-9):    5:00 - 6:00pm

Ladies Shiur (Pirkei Avos):     5:00 - 6:00pm

Daf Yomi:                                   One hour before second Mincha


Weekday Schedule:

Sunday Shacharis:                   7:30/8:30 am

Monday Morning:                       6:00/8:00am

Tues – Fri. Morning:                  8:00/9:00am

Mincha/Ma'ariv:                          Appr. 15 minutes before shkiah

Late Ma’ariv:                               Appr. 45 minutes after shkiah


Bostoner Shul:  

Shabbos Schedule:

Kabbolas Shabbos:                  10 minutes before shkiah                               

Shacharis:                                   9:00am

Mincha:                                        15 minutes before shkiah

Ma'ariv:                                         72 minutes after shkiah


Weekday Schedule:

Sunday Shacharis: 9:00 am  


Kibbutz Bnei Hayeshivos:  

Shabbos Schedule:

Kabbolas Shabbos:                  20 min before Shkiah                

Shacharis:                                   8:30 AM                     

Mincha:                                         6:30 PM

Ma’ariv:                                         60 minutes after shkiah


Weekday Schedule:

Shacharis:                                   8:15 AM

Mincha:                                         7:40 PM

Ma’ariv:                                         9:50 PM


Chabad of Tannersville: 


Shabbos Schedule:

Mincha Erev Shabbos:             At Candle Lighting

Kabbolas Shabbos:                  B'Zman                

Lekutie Sichos:                          9:00 AM

Shacharis:                                  10:00 AM                     

Mincha:                                        20 minutes before Candle Lighting (followed by Seder Nigunim & Ma'amar)

Ma’ariv:                                        45 minutes after shkiah

Camp Tashbar (Elka Park): 

Shabbos Schedule:

Kabbolas Shabbos:                  20 minutes after Candle Lighting               

Shacharis:                                   9:00/10:30 AM                     

Mincha:                                         8:10 PM

Ma’ariv:                                         72 minutes after shkiah


Weekday Schedule:

Sunday Shacharis:                     9:15 PM

Shacharis:                                   8:45 AM

Mincha:                                        5:15 PM

Ma’ariv:                                         60 & 72 minutes after shkiah

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